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The Bicol Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 3  -  May 2003

Table of Contents

"Only God Knows Why"

"Evidence of God's Protection"

Special Points of Interest

Prayer Concerns

 "Only God Knows Why"   by Wade & Joanna Allen

One of the most difficult things about moving to the mission field for my daughter was having to leave our dog in the States.  So we told her that as soon as we were settled, we would try to find a new one.

We were told by friends of a market in Manila where we could find pure bred puppies at a reasonable price.  So on our next trip to Manila, we went to China Town to go shopping.  Carly was so excited that we were finally going to get a puppy!  When we got there, there were no good options on pure breeds, so in order to not have her heart broken again, we picked out a mutt and named him Buster.

A few weeks later, when it was time for Buster’s shots, we met Dr. Joy, a local veterinarian.  She was very friendly and helpful.  Being a mutt, Buster had more than just a few things wrong that required the vet’s attention.  So over the next month or so, we became friends with Dr. Joy.  When we returned from church camp in Bacolod City, we found Buster looking pitiful.  It looked as though he had some kind of skin disease.   Dr. Joy came by and diagnosed him with mites.  While Joy was here that day, we sat and talked a lot. In the conversation she asked why we were here, what we were doing, what we believed, etc. (the usual questions). She said they were Catholic, but didn’t really attend.  She seemed very interested, so in passing we invited her to come to our Bible study that next Sunday – not making a big deal at all.  They came to “church” with us Sunday and we had a really good time. We spent most of the time just getting to know one another, because our main goal was to “earn another hearing.” They are planning to attend next week as well!

Only God knows why I bought a mutt; and only God knows why he has mites; but it is good of God to open our eyes sometimes to understand some of the reasons things happen the way they do! 


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"Evidence of God's Protection"    by Wade Allen

We have enjoyed traveling this past month to be a part of two youth camps: the National Camp in Negros and the Bicol Regional Camp in Sorsogon.  It was an honor to be a part of these ministries.  Many decisions were made to follow Christ in each of these camps.

Friday morning, April 25, I spoke to the youth at the Bicol Regional Camp about obeying and trusting in God, even in difficult situations.  I shared the stories of Daniel and the three Hebrew children.  I told them, “To be a success in God’s eyes may mean that you find yourself in difficult and dangerous situations.  But no matter what you are going through, you must trust God to carry out His will in your life, and be sure that God receives the glory in all that you say and do!”  Little did I know that I would be the one who needed to remember those words only a few hours later.

When I finished speaking on Friday morning at the Bicol camp, I left there in order to return to Legazpi City, about two hours away.  Upon reaching the outer perimeter of Sorsogon City, I decided to take the diversion road in order to avoid Friday afternoon traffic in town.  The diversion road is “unfinished,” but not a bad road by Filipino standards.  There are large sections of the road which are gravel.  When I came to the end of this long section of gravel road, I got up on the blacktop and began to pick up speed.  About 200 meters later, I noticed the words “SLOW DOWN” painted on the highway.  The problem was that it was warning me of an intersection less than  30 meters away.  I hit my brakes, but it was already too late—I was already in the intersection.  At that moment, a passenger jeepney entered the intersection.  It struck me on the front left fender.  The impact pushed my vehicle about 20 meters across a ditch and into a field.  Once I came to a stop, I saw flames coming from under the crinkled hood.  I immediately crawled across to the passenger’s door, grabbed the paperwork and my briefcase, and got out of the vehicle.

Upon further investigation of the car, I was amazed as to how it was damaged.  The front left fender was completely crushed and the back left door was severely dented, but the driver’s door was apparently undamaged.  I sustained no injuries other than soreness and bruising.  Unfortunately, there were several passengers in the other vehicle who were injured, including two fatal injuries.  Our hearts and prayers go out to these victims and their families.

We ask that you prayerfully remember us in the wake of this incident.  There are still many legal matters to finalize.  Please pray that the insurance company will cover the expenses to fix the vehicle and pay for one-half of the victims expenses and death benefits.  We also ask that you would pray for us as we are dealing with the stress associated with the legal issues.  However, our greatest concern is that we will not allow this to break our resolve to minister in this place.  We are absolutely sure of God’s direction in our ministry, but something like this has the potential to distract and dishearten us to the point that we could lose our passion for ministry, for people, and for the Philippines.  Because of  the all-sufficient grace of God, we ARE surviving each day— and as each day passes, our passion for ministry GROWS.  We know that God is teaching us and molding us to become His vessels to be used as He wants to use us.  As we go through this trying time, we greatly appreciate your prayers for us!

I heard later that the people at camp had spent a great deal of time praying for me after the accident.  The people here know how trying these situations can be.  The impact of the accident was not only felt by those of us who were involved, but it was also felt at camp.  I was told that many young people made a commitment in the Friday evening service to trust God to do His will in their lives!  So in retrospect, my trip to Bulan, Sorsogon, was a tremendous success!  Why?  Because God was glorified and hearts were changed to be obedient to Him!

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Special Points of Interest

bulletSome have asked if the humidity here is very bad. It is difficult to quantify something that seems to never go away. Simply stated, the humidity is so bad that we have to wipe a puddle of water off the top of our salt shaker almost daily!
bulletFilipino Independence Day is celebrated each year on June 12th. This also happens to be our daughter’s birthday. Carly will be six years old! The Philippines will be 105 years young!


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Prayer Concerns

Please pray for:


Legal issues from the accident to be resolved.


Our family here and at home in the US.


God to provide a vehicle for our transportation, and to sell our vehicle in the US.

Thank God for:


Progress in language learning and in making new friends.


The faithful service of Bro. Don Collins to the Missions Department.


God’s provision of a new Exec. Director, Bro. Grady Higgs.

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