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The Bicol Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 7  -  October 2003

Table of Contents

"Hong Kong Ministry— A New, Unique Challenge"

"Church Planting in the Bicol Region"

Special Points of Interest

Prayer Concerns

 "Hong Kong Ministry A New, Unique Challenge"   by Joanna Allen 

 Christ Throughout Asia is an outreach ministry of the BMA of the Philippines that utilizes Filipinos that are located throughout all of Southeast Asia to plant churches and reach the people of those countries. CTA is in its beginning stages, and part of the purpose of our recent trip to Hong Kong was to get on the field and try to discover what will be the best way to reach Hong Kong for Christ.

At the present, there are 175,000 Filipinos working in Hong Kong! Most of these are women who are there working as Domestic Helpers. Each week they have one day off and on that day they gather in public parks and just sit and spend time together. They talk, sing, play cards, eat Filipino food and speak their native dialect. Many of these ladies have very bad working conditions, so their “day off” is almost an escape from real life!CTA Team members encouraging new believers.

Among these ladies, there is a small core group from our BMA churches in the Philippines that are working with Pastor Jo Jo Vallejera to reach out to other Filipinos. Pastor Jo Jo has been elected by the BMA of the Philippines as our first International Missionary! Hopefully, within the next few months, he and his family will be permanently located in Hong Kong. Please join us in praying for this family. They have an enormous job ahead of them!

 During our few days in Hong Kong and China, we met with the core group for fellowship and also worship services. We spent time in those parks meeting some of the Filipinos, passing out tracks, sharing Christ, and praying with them. We also spent some time exploring Hong Kong for future ministry possibilities. (And of course, we had a little bit of shopping time!)

 As we visited with many of the ladies there, my heart broke for them. Many of them have husbands and children back home in the Philippines that they may not see for several years at a time. As a wife and mother, I can’t imagine living apart from my family for that long. As I struggled to understand why these ladies would leave their home to go work in Pastor Jo Jo Vallejera sharing the gospel with a Filipina.another country, the Lord opened my eyes to this fact: No matter the reason of why they are there, there are thousands of Filipinos working in Hong Kong that need a Savior! And it’s our job to reach them!

 Please pray for our core group there, for Pastor Jo Jo and his family, and for the BMA Philippines as we reach out beyond our borders into China and other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. But we especially ask that you pray for the thousands of Filipina ladies in Hong Kong to realize that their greatest need is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

To see more pictures from our recent trip to China go to our Photo Galleries!


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"Church Planting in the Bicol Region"    by Wade Allen

The Philippines consist of 73 provinces which are divided into 15 administrative regions.  We live in the capital city of Region V—the Bicol Region.  The Bicol region has 2,782 communities that do not have an Evangelical church.  That means that there are over 4.5 million people living in Bicol who do not have access to hear the Gospel!

Under the leadership of Missionary Doyle Moore, the BMAP is currently involved in church planting in two of the provinces of Bicol.  We currently have three established churches, six missions, and many other outreach points.  We are excited about the progress that has been made in expanding the vision and ministry of these churches!  Our pastors and laymen have caught the vision for planting churches in every community, but there are unique obstacles that must be crossed in order to reach this goal.  Because Filipinos have always been a seafaring people, people groups are not divided by bodies of water, as you might think, but rather by the mountain ranges that partition each island.  Because of this, there are communities along the coastlines that have no entry except by sea.  These communities are referred to as inter-coastal areas.  We are reaching out to a few of these communities, but there is potential for ministry in many more.

In order to accomplish this vision, we need to have appropriate transportation.  The best option is a wooden hull boat, equipped with outriggers and a diesel engine—known as a banka boat.  The cost to have one of these built is approximately $3,000 USD.  If you would like to be a part of a special project to provide this needed transportation for our church planters in Bicol, we invite you to send your contributions to the BMAA Missions Office, earmarked  for:



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Special Points of Interest


For more information about the BMAP ministry throughout Asia, visit Missionary Doyle Moore online at Click on Asian Ministry!


For more information about the spiritual needs of Bicol Region of the Philippines, read more about the Bicol Region here.

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Prayer Concerns

Please pray for:


Opportunities to share the gospel and to begin having evangelistic Bible studies in the homes of friends.


Perseverance in the continuation of language learning and translation of Church Planting Model.


Good health for our family.


Our vehicle in the US to sell.

Thank God for:


Continued progress in language learning.


Cooler weather!

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