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The Bicol Bulletin

Volume 1, Issue 6  -  September 2003

Table of Contents

"Where Were You on September 11th?"

"Celebrating Our First Year"

"Financial Partners"

Special Points of Interest

Prayer Concerns

 "Where Were You on September 11th?"   by Joanna Allen

It’s become one of those days in which we remember with explicit detail – where we were, what we were doing, who we were with, etc.

 I’ve often heard people refer to “the day Kennedy was shot.”  For me, I remember the day Pres. Reagan was shot, the Space Shuttle tragedies, the Oklahoma City bombings, and now, September 11th.  I will never forget seeing those first images of the burning Twin Towers on TV.  Or the hours we all sat glued to the television, trying to make some sense of what had happened.  I will never forget the urgency in which our country turned to God and to prayer.  But this year, I had another September 11th to remember. I went to Hong Kong!

 I was privileged to travel with Miss Dar Lee and a group from Bacolod City to spend a week in Hong Kong.  Our trip was a part of CTA ministries – Christ Throughout Asia.  CTA is using Filipinos that are located throughout all of Southeast Asia to plant churches and reach the people of those countries.

 One of the most overwhelming things about Hong Kong is the massive amounts of people!  It is so crowded!  We also got to cross the border into China for a couple of days, and it is just as crowded.  There are so many people in this part of the world.

 As we were walking along the streets of Hong Kong, I couldn’t help but look up at some of the skyscrapers and wonder what it must have been like to be in New York on September 11th.  I can’t imagine.  Everyone was just going about their daily routine when their life was changed forever.  I have wondered how many of those people that were in the Twin Towers or the airplanes went to heaven that day.  And then I thought about the day when Our Lord will return.  Of the 7 million people in Hong Kong, how many will go to heaven?

More information regarding the ministry in Hong Kong will be available in next month’s Bicol Bulletin.  Please pray for this new door of ministry before us!

To see more pictures from our recent trip to China go to our Photo Galleries!


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"Celebrating Our First Year"    by Wade Allen

We first arrived in the Philippines on September 10, 2002.  This month marks our first anniversary to be serving as BMAA missionaries here in the Philippines.  As I reflect on all that has happened in the past year, my heart is abounding with emotions.  My heart is sad when I realize that it has been more than a year since I or my children have been able to hug their grandparents.  My heart is amazed when I realize how God has provided us with a house and community that we are truly able to call home.  My heart is humbled when I realize the sacrifice it took to send us to the Philippines and the confidence that was placed in us by the missions’ office personnel to allow us to serve the BMA of America as Church Planters.  My heart is moved when I remember the warm welcome we received from the other veteran missionaries here in the Philippines.  My heart is grateful when I consider the possibility of not having the Murphy family as our companions for each frightening phase of our first year in country.  My heart is overwhelmed when I consider the tremendous task that God has set before us in reaching the unreached people of Southeast Asia.  Please continue to remember us as you pray for missions outreach all over the world!


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We would like to thank the following churches and individuals

for their support of our ministry this past year!


First, Cave Springs, Arkansas Antioch, Conway, Arkansas
New Prospect, Garfield, Arkansas Prairie Oaks, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Paramount, Wiggins, Mississippi Sheridan Terrace, Palestine, Texas
Calvary, Newcastle, Oklahoma Mount Pisgah, Fulton, Mississippi
BMAA National WMA Bill & Karen Lloyd, Lowell, Arkansas
Dale & Debbie Taylor, Palestine, Texas First, Livingston, Texas WMA
Calvary, Laverne, California Grandview, Springfield, Missouri
Glenview, Independence, Missouri Mount Carmel, Safford, Arizona
Fairview, Blytheville, Arkansas BMA of the Ozarks (Various Churches)
Sharon Burgess, Greenbrier, Arkansas Calvary, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Eastside, Conway, Arkansas Corinth, Grand Saline, Texas
Southern Grove, Springdale, Arkansas Springhill, Greenbrier, Arkansas
Temple, Hesperia, California Trace City, Natchez, Mississippi

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Special Points of Interest


The BMA of the Philippines has begun raising funds for supporting missions in Asia.


CTA stands for Christ Throughout Asia. This is the outreach ministry of the BMA of the Philippines to countries in Southeast Asia.


Currently, the BMAP has outreach ministries in Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, and Singapore — three of the most prominent cities in Southeast Asia.

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Prayer Concerns

Please pray for:


Opportunities to share the gospel and to begin having evangelistic Bible studies in the homes of friends.


Perseverance in the continuation of language learning.


Adequate funds to be available to cover travel expenses for outreach.


Our vehicle in the US to sell.

Thank God for:


Continued progress in language learning.


Safety for the CTA team who went to Hong Kong.

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Tel: 501-455-4977
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