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Monthly Missions Message

"Bahala Na"

November 2002

One thing that is a surprise to many western visitors of our country is the laid back philosophy of the nationals.  Many times, a Filipino will find himself in a desperate situation and his response will simply be, "Bahala na!"  One Filipino historian interpreted this to mean "Que sera, sera" (i.e., "what will be, will be").  It conjures up the idea of utter helplessness when facing difficult situations.  Many Filipinos believe that their life is controlled by an impersonal force force they call palad, suwerte or fate.

As we relocated to the Philippines, we had many prayer concerns.  Two that were high on our list were to follow God's leading as to where he wanted us to settle and to be able to find a house that was safe and suitable for our needs. Once God made it clear that we should move to Legazpi City, Albay, we contacted a man named Boie ("boy").  He searched for days trying to find a house or apartment that was suitable, but he could not.  The day before our scheduled trip to look at the homes he had found, he "bumped into" a man who is very hard to find, and this man just happened to mention that he had a house for rent.  The house is everything that we had hoped for and more.

After looking at it, Boie told us how "lucky" we were to have found it.  He said that fate must be on our side.  I was very happy to tell him that it was not the impersonal force "fate" or "luck" that was on my side, but rather, it was a personal, loving God, who wants to take care of His children.

So as we are trying to become acclimated to the culture of the Filipinos, should we adopt the philosophy of "Bahala na?"  I hope that at least one Filipino named Boie knows that we hold to a different philosophy-- "Bahala na ang Diyos!" or, "Let God be in control of everything I am and everything I do!"


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