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Monthly Missions Message

"On Our Way"

September 2002

I once thought that deputation was a time that was designed to allow the missionary-elect the opportunity to share his vision with friends and family in order to enlist them as prayer partners and financial supporters. While this is still true, I now believe that deputation has a larger purpose in the life of the missionary family-- it is to teach them how to pack lightly! 

We have finished our time of traveling for deputation, and on behalf of myself and my family, we would like to thank all of the wonderful hospitality that has been extended to us throughout the BMA of America. We have made many new friendships and renewed many old ones. We are so grateful that God has provided us with so many prayer partners for our family and ministry. We ask that you please be in prayer for us as we are seeking God's will for the location of our future church planting effort, for our families at home and abroad, and for our diligence in language and cultural study.

We look forward to getting in touch with each of our prayer partners to keep them updated on our family and ministry needs. If you would like to become a partner with us in prayer or to find more information about our ministry, please visit us online at

God has already manifested Himself to us as we have traveled. The first evidence of God's grace upon us was at the Little Rock Regional Airport . As you can imagine, the prospect of packing everything you need for several months to live in a country you have visited only once, and that was many years ago, into nine pieces of luggage weighing no more than seventy pounds each, is at least a formidable task-- but my wife is a formidable woman. To make this story shorter than that last sentence, God miraculously enabled us to pack each piece of our luggage to weigh somewhere between sixty-five and seventy-one pounds (and she let that one go)!! Praise the Lord!!! Another tremendous manifestation of God's blessings upon us was when we arrived in Manila International Airport . We went through immigration within just a few minutes of getting off the plane. However, it was the customs officer which was our greatest concern. After locating our twenty pieces of luggage (did I mention that we had a few problems in Los Angeles with our carry-on luggage), Bro. Murphy and I headed toward the customs line. I am not sure if it was the huge amount of bags that we had, or if it was because we mentioned that we were Christian missionaries, but the customs officer sent us on through without even opening a single bag. Thank You, Lord, for Your faithfulness to us and Your grace for us each and every day-- even those that last for seventy-two hours straight!


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