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Carly's Interests & Hobbies

bulletDrawing / Art - I love to draw and color.  There are some neat places online to get coloring sheets and to color and draw pictures on the computer.
bulletDolls & Stuffed Animals - One of my favorite things to do is to pretend with my Barbies and Fashion Polly dolls.  I also like to pretend with my Teenie Beanie Babies.  I have a whole zoo of animals!

Caleb's Interests & Hobbies

bulletBalls - Any shape... any size... I love to play with balls.
bulletMovies / Videos - I love to watch videos.  My favorites are: Blue's Clues, Miss Patty Cake, VeggieTales, and Peter Pan.
bulletLittle People Toys - I like to pretend just like my sister, but I don't like playing with dolls.  I like to play with cars, trucks, airplanes, animals, and my Little People town




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