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Joanna's Story

          On September 3, 1974, as a 2 year old little girl, I sat on my daddy's shoulders and waved good-bye to an airplane at the New Orleans International Airport-- and at that time, all I understood was that my Aunt Karen and Uncle Travis were on that plane and they were going far away. Little did I know what the significance of that day would mean for my future. You see, Travis and Karen Moore were the first missionaries of the Baptist Missionary Association of America to go to the Philippines. They were soon joined by Doyle and Linda Moore and many others who have helped to build the BMA of the Philippines. I spent the summer of 1991 with Doyle and Linda Moore as a Volunteer Summer Missionary. I came home after 8 weeks, but my heart stayed there. I knew at that point that God wanted me to return to the Philippines someday and help to expand the vision that began the day I watched that airplane leave.

Wade's Story

          In the fall of 1991, I moved into the dorm at Central Baptist College to begin my freshmen year. The next evening, Joanna and I went out on our first date. It was also that fall that I had my first experience on the mission field by going with my father on a work crew to Mexico. As Joanna and I continued to date, we began to talk about our future plans and she shared with me her desire to be a missionary. I loved being on the mission field! So to better seek God's will, I went to the Philippines for 10 weeks the summer of 1993. After much prayer and seeking God's will, we both felt that God had brought us together to better serve Him-- and we felt that He would someday lead us back to serve together in Southeast Asia.

Our Story

          Knowing that God's timing is perfect, we felt God's leadership to return to the Philippines in 2002. We are so excited that this dream is now becoming a reality. Would you please join with us in praying for the Philippines?

          The BMA has such a strong base in the Philippines, but there are still so many areas that are un-reached. The region where we live, the Bicol region, is an area that has a tremendous need for new churches.  Please pray that God will do a miraculous work among the Bicolano people!


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