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February was a busy month for the Allens! Joanna had the opportunity to travel again to Hong Kong to lead in a Women's Retreat with the Core group there. Also, we had the privilege of visiting with Bro. Jerry Kidd and also with the Murphy family. Wade was able to attend the Impact Indonesia Conference in Manila with Bro. Doyle Moore and some of our church planters and pastors. We ended the month of February with Caleb's birthday party on the 28th. For additional pictures of Hong Kong and Caleb's party, see our other photo galleries.


Joanna's orchids

Orchids are very common in the Philippines and these are the first of mine that have bloomed.


Dove orchids

Dove orchids

Caleb with Ate Deborah

Ray and Deborah Miller have been some of our closest friends since moving to Legazpi. We were saddened this month as they returned home to the US. We will continue to pray for the Lord to open doors for their return to the Philippines.

Carly and Cody

Our Beagle puppy, Cody, is now 10 months old and very naughty! He is always finding something to chew on!

Caleb in action!

Caleb is becoming quite the basketball player. He is especially working on his dribbling skills.

Bible study time in Hong Kong

Joanna and Dar with the Hong Kong Core Group

Happy Valentine's Day!

Carly and Caleb with Tita Dar

It's always such a joy to be able to visit with our other missionaries. This month we not only had the privilege to visit with Dar Lee but also with the Murphy family.

Carly and Caleb with Bro. Jerry Kidd

We were also privileged to have a visit from Bro. Jerry Kidd, our supervisor in the US. Not only was the visit an encouragement for us, but also it was exciting to hear news from other fields around the world.

Bowling with Jamin and Jesse Murphy

One of our favorite things to do with the Murphys is to go bowling.

Carly and Jamin

Best friends!

Caleb and Uncle Robert

Carly bowling

Wade with the group that attended the Impact Indonesia Conference

Caleb's Birthday Cake

Caleb had a "Bob the Builder" party - complete with a "four" cake!

"Thanks, Mom, for a great party!"

Caleb's friends

Timna, Miriam, Carly, Anna, Emma, Caleb, Jonathan and Nat

Sawing with Dad

The "hit" of the party was the construction obsticle course, which included ladder climbing, measuring, sawing, hammering, painting and digging!

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