February 2005 - Hong Kong

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On Tuesday, February 8th, Joanna flew to Manila to meet Dar Lee. They flew to Hong Kong on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday afternoon we met with the core group for a time of fellowship and “catching up.”

One of the greatest blessings of the group is that they now have a flat in which they can meet.

The flat belongs to another missionary but he is allowing our group to use it during their worship times.

This picture was taken from the window of our flat. The building you see is another apartment building across the street.

On Thursday morning we began our Bible study time by reading the account of the angel's appearence to Mary.

The whole retreat centered around our obedience to Christ and we looked at Mary's example.

Reading from the book of Luke.

Acting it out!

After reading the passage, each group had a chance to "perform" the story. Needless to say, I don't think we will be nominated for any Academy Awards in the near future!

And of course there's always time for snacks!

The next thing we did was compare the story of Mary with the story of Zacheriah.

Each group made a chart of the main characters and main events of their story.

We had to read very carefully!

Joanna leading the discussion from the Bible study time.

Later that afternoon we went out around town.

A building near the flat.

The streets of Hong Kong

Riding the Star Ferry

Pastor Jo Jo, the missionary pastor in Hong Kong.

Chinese New Year decorations

The seal of Hong Kong

We found a Hardee's!!

We also spent some time working on crafts.

For our craft, we covered photo albums with fabric and lace.

Joanna leading in a "Fill in the blank" exercise.

Group prayer time

Group picture!

These were some of the Chinese New Year decorations.

And more decorations.

Sunday morning worship service

The core group singing a special number.

Singing together.

Pastor JoJo brought a message from God's Word.

Alma, Sally and Esther. These 3 ladies have been with our core the longest.

Sally, Alma, Joanna and Josette

Sunday afternoon worship time

Wrap-up of all the lessons

Prayer time.

Dar & Esther - Prayer time

Prayer time.

Sally and Andy sharing prayer concerns

Sally, Alma, Esther and Dar

One last pose before saying "Good-bye"

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