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Mayon Volcano Bulletin

See the story in its original format at: Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology

Mayon continued to generate frequent rockfalls and lava extrusion for the past 24 hours. Seismic activity was dominated by one hundred short duration harmonic tremors which were correlated with intrusion of magma into the summit and detaching lava fragments. At night, the falling detached lava blocks disintegrated upon impact and give an impression of incandescent streak of lava on the upper slope. The advancing lava flow has now reached 1000 meters downslope of the summit crater while fragments of the rolling incandescent boulders were observed approximately 3000 meters at elevation 700 meters above sea level in Bonga gully.

Moderate volume of white steam was observed from the volcano’s crater from 6:32 AM to 8:22 AM and 3:35 PM to 6:14 PM yesterday.

The overall assessment of Mayon Volcano remains at Alert Level 3. This means that lava extrusion may shift to explosive eruption which could generate pyroclastic flows within weeks should there be a rapid rate of supply of magma. Residents just beyond the Permanent Danger Zone, especially in the southeast portion facing the Bonga Gully, should be vigilant against explosive eruption since major hazards like pyroclastic flows, rockfalls, lava flow and small rock avalanches all occur within these areas and ready to evacuate their premises at first notice or when life-threatening volcanic flows start to descend from the volcano’s summit.


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