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          God has enlarged the vision of the BMA of the Philippines by blessing them for their faithfulness.  Even with a very meager start in the mid 1970's, God has blessed this work mightily.  The work has continued to grow and expand into new aspects of ministry.


Strategic Advancements in Ministry

bulletMore than 100 established churches and many more mission points.
bulletEstablishment of the BMA Bible College as a training center for young men and women who wish to work in the ministry.  This institution is fully accredited by the Filipino government!
bulletCreation of Bible study curriculum and other needed literature in multiple languages by the BMA Publications of the Philippines.
bulletProduction of radio broadcasts, television broadcasts, feature films, and much more by the Filipino staff of Lifeword Broadcast Ministries has opened the gospel to un-reached masses for more than 20 years.
bulletDevelopment of highly-skilled and godly men to serve as national pastors and missionaries.

          Because of these blessings from God, the BMA of the Philippines is beginning to see its place in God's world wide mission to bring the lost to know Christ as their Savior.  In fact, the BMA of the Philippines hopes to be able to send out its very foreign missionary this year to another country in Southeast Asia.  Please pray for them in this endeavor!

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