White unto Harvest in the Philippines

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     Even though some areas of the Philippines have been evangelized, 93% of Filipinos have never heard the gospel of Christ.  According to a 2001 survey conducted by the DAWN Research Committee, 62% of the communities and villages in the Philippines do not even have a Bible teaching church.

Even considering God's tremendous blessings upon our ministry to the Filipinos, there is still so much that needs to be done.  So how can you get involved . . .

What in the World Can I Do?

        (Based on a study of Luke 10:1 -11:10)

What can I do in God's world wide mission? 

bulletPray for Laborers
bulletGo as Laborers
bulletHelp like a Good Neighbor
bulletBe a Worshiper and a Worker
bulletPray as a Believer

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